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BH-LK-G2487i-Super KHRONOS

Frequency : Very intensive

Exertion system : Generator

Ergo-meter : HA Clase

Inertia system : Generator system equivalent to RM: 35 kg

Stride : 51 cm

Distance between pedals : 11 cm

Dimensions : Length x Width x High x Weight : 210 cm x 64 cm x 170 cm x 74 kg




The LK580 rower is a light commercial fan magnetic model designed to offer Olympic training quality workouts to your facility.

BH-R590 Rower

Dimensions (Unfolded):239 x 52 x 117cm
Dimensions (Vertical folded):135 x 52 x 167cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hand pull: 220 cm (max.)
Seat travel: 134cm (max.)
Resistance control: 16 levels of electrical resistance control
Data display: 5.5″ dual color LCD monitor
Program: 12 pre-set, 1 manual, 7 intensity, 4 user profiles
*Wireless heart rate supported, chest belt optional


We have indicated the approximate weight of the goods, it may differ from the actual in large and in the smaller side. The exact weight you can learn from the detailed description of the goods (not always specified).



Specification :

  • Length:132cm / 52″
  • Width:63cm / 25″
  • Height:139cm / 55″
  • Weight:32kg / 70 lbs
BS999 Swing riding indoorbike BH cardio

BS999 Swing Riding Indoorbike


Points Adjustment

Ergonomic ally designed handlebar and saddle are both micro-adjustable,horizontally and vertically.

Tig pulse welding

BH applies computer pulse tig welding for smooth even fish scalloped surfaces that can enhance the strength of the frame.



Power : 4,5 HP (peak) / 3 HP (continuous)

Speed : 1 – 22 km/h

Maximum electrical inclination : 15 %

Running surface (L x W) : 155 x 55 cm

Damping system : 6 Elastoplast + Run+

Pulse measurement on the handlebar : Yes

Others : Extra wide frame · 2.7 mm Orthopedic belt

Length x Width x High x Weight : 200 cm x 94 cm x 148 cm x 137 kg



H925C DUKE mag BH cardio

H925C DUKE mag


Dimensions: 122×64×121(cm)

Weight: 45KG

Data readout: Time, Speed, Calories, Heart rate( Chest belt needed, optional)

Aluminium flywheel weight equivalent to 20Kg

H940 SuperDuke BH cardio

H940 Super Duke

Full Commercial indoor bike with intensity regulation, friction brake and rust resistance painting. The triathlon handlebar, mixed pedals and saddle / handleber microadjustment guarantee the maximum comfort.

Flywheel weight: Equivalent 20 Kg

The weight of the flywheel affects your exertion to start and maintain the pedaling motion. The heavier the flywheel, the more smooth and regular the pedaling

H960CIndoor600 BH cadio

H960C Indoor600


V-frame construction

Possessing elasticity and durability, the V-shaped frame of H960C can effectively the loadings to both foot tubes. This design also increases the flexibility of the frame and makes your ridding experience much more realistic.

Fascinating multi-layer painting

The frame is applied with automobile painting technology to finish the surface.

Top-class magnetic control system

By varying the distance between the fl flywheel and the two powerful magnets, resulting from eddy current, you can adjust 16 resistance selector levels provide by the magnetic control system of H960C.

R400A Air magnetic rower BH cardio

R400A Air Magnetic Rower

Easy to move
Rises up the track, can be moving the equipment, let everyone easy to use.

Oversized Pedals for Training
The footrests are made oversized with adjustable strap and captive heel design. They also pivot on user’s feet to move naturally throughout the rowing stroke.

Adjustable monitor
Adjustable monitor allows everyone to finds his/ her best viewing angle according to the perfect rowing position.

Precise 16 resistances
With the precise 16 resistances, it provides variable training levels for users.

SK2500 STEPPER BH Cardio

SK2500 Stepper



The distinct low step up height design adapts to each use’s height.


The steel chassis provides stability in the movement and great durability


The machine incorporates a bottle holder that is very comfortable to access so the user can be fully hydrated while training.


Control either by contact pulse on the handleber and telemetric way (chest belt optional)


Wheels for an easy transportation.

SK7950 Treadmill BHhipower cardio

SK7950 Treadmill


Features :

  • The large 19″ screen, with the touch-sensitive controls, has a completely smooth and flat surface. Easy for cleaning.
  • The top Dot Matrix screen graphically displays the progress of the exercise and allows users to monitor exercise progress more clearly. The high luminosity will ensures the users best viewing experience.
  • Large cooling fans are designed for a more rewarding exercise experience.
  • For easy access to the most frequently used controls during the workout, enabling correct ergonomic posture during the exercise.
  • Attractive curved profile s-shaped monitor, with a carefully studied inclination of 45°, optimum for an enhanced view of the display and an easy access to all the controls during the exercise.
SK7990 Teadmill BH cardio

SK7990 Teadmill


New 6HP motor with a more compact design, able to reach a top speed of 26km/h. A more powerful and reliable 6.0 HP motor with

Green Power technology, thet minimizes energy requirement and improves engine efficiency.


comfort while running is ensured with large runing surface of 55 x 165 cm and phenolic resin plate to avoid maintenance expenses, Suitable for all types of running strides.


Absorb system with 10 sopport points. ProTronic Technology is designed for maximum back and joint protection


Provides maximum inclination level of 16 %