Steel oval tubing11Gauge 1.968×3.937 Low Carbon Steel oval tubing (50×100×3T)

Standard Weight Stack860 Lb (391 kg)–10 Lb x 80 pcs + Top Plate 15 LB* 4 pcs

Weight StackHigh-quality weight plates for smooth and durable operation(noise reduction-absorbing cushions included)

Driving SystemCable : 7×19 stainless steel, tensile strength of more than 2425lbs (1100kg)

Shroud (optional for JG4000S)1T delicate safety cover

Frame Finishone coat powder process

Dimensions (L×W×H)358 × 234 × 221 cm / 141”× 92”× 87”

MainframeHeavy Gauge 4″X3T


Four-Stack Jungle Gym

The most extensive functional cable column for a versatile cable crossover training, provides easy use and high, and low pulley exercises.