Steel oval tubinggauge 1.968×3.937 Low Carbon Steel oval tubing(50×100×3T)

Standard Weight Stack1075 Lb (489 kg)–10 Lb x 100 pcs + Top Plate 15 LB* 5 pcs

Weight StackHigh-quality weight plates for smooth and durable operation(noise reduction-absorbing cushions included)

Driving SystemCable 7×19 stainless steel tensile strength of more than 2425 lbs.(1100 kg)

Shroud (optional for JG5000S): 1T delicate safety cover

Frame Finishone coat powder process

Dimensions(L×W×H)524 × 358 × 224 cm / 206”× 141”× 88”

MainframeHeavy Gauge 4″X3T


Five-Stack Jungle Gym

The most extensive functional cable column for a versatile cable crossover training, provides easy use and high, mid and low pulley exercises.

Lat pulldown with wide groove pulley. Seated row for low pulley lat work. Fully adjustable cable cross over system.

Integrated pull up station. Dipped PVC handles with a comfortable high density foam.