BH-R400A Air Magnetic Rower


Dimensions (Unfolded) :214 x 47 x 134 cm

Dimensions (Vertical folded) :141 x 47 x 165 cm

Weight :36 kg

Resistance Level : 16 levels

Display : 5.5″LCD monitor

Programs : 12 pre-set/ 4 user profile/ 4 HRC/ 1 WATT/ 1 Recovery testing

Readout : Time/ RPM/ Distance/ Calories/ Watt/ Pulse


*Wireless heart rate supported, chest belt optional.



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Easy to move
Rises up the track, can be moving the equipment, let everyone easy to use.

Oversized Pedals for Training
The footrests are made oversized with adjustable strap and captive heel design. They also pivot on user’s feet to move naturally throughout the rowing stroke.

Adjustable monitor
Adjustable monitor allows everyone to finds his/ her best viewing angle according to the perfect rowing position.

Precise 16 resistances
With the precise 16 resistances, it provides variable training levels for users.